Introduction Nicholas Landriault

Nicholas Landriault

My name is Nicholas Landriault, and I am a student from the University of Houston - Clear Lake (UHCL). I am a Communications major and I will be interning for the National Diversity Council for the Spring 2021 Semester.

I’ve always been a people person, and I find our varied lives and thoughts not only fascinating, but useful when dealing with any given situation. It’s why I love my work in communications and it’s why I am passionate about diversity and inclusion. I’ve never been afraid of talking to anyone since I was young and making friends with everyone. In that ability to reach out, I’ve found my greatest successes both personally and professionally, and I am honored to be able to lend my skills to such a worthy cause.

I chose to intern with the National Diversity Council for many reasons, but chief among them is that I believe in its mission. Different backgrounds provide different perspectives on potential issues or lucrative opportunities in front of any organization. By capitalizing on those perspectives, we can bring our society and businesses to the next level in a way that will benefit everyone. All it takes is a little work and a willingness to listen.

I hope that in my time with the National Diversity Council that not only will I help the cause of diversifying America’s workforce, but I will also learn a lot about how to communicate with clients on a PR level. Specifically, I am looking forward to sharpening my skills in writing press releases and articles.