Wait, Who’s Daniel?

Daniel Salinas My name is Daniel Salinas, but most people know me as Danny. I am currently a senior at Sam Houston State University, studying mass communication with an emphasis in public relations and advertising, along with a minor in community leadership. Sounds very serious I know, but you will get to know I am actually the complete opposite when I have downtime.

My personality is calm or as the hip kids will say “chill” which, from what I have been told, makes this ambivert a personable and approachable person. Ironically enough, I wanted to be in a field where networking, communicating and advertising is key because I am passionate about engaging with others.I chose to be a part of this internship after learning more about the National Diversity Council’s (NDC) programs. I just had a gut feeling that this internship would provide me with the opportunity to grow in my profession.

I am excited to apply some of the lessons I learned in my college classes to real-time diversity and inclusion efforts that are making a difference for those who may not feel so included. The efforts the NDC does is admirable to me because it makes me feel like this organization truly wants people both similar and different from me to have a voice in any atmosphere. The efforts from here make me proud to be different...makes me want to be a voice for those who think they are voiceless.

Now as an intern, I would like to take the knowledge and experience I’ll gain this summer from working on social media campaigns and championing diversity causes and apply it to my future career in communications. While I may not know where my purpose lies in this ever-growing career field, I do know that this is my chance to find a purpose that impacts the world in a meaningful way.