Autumn Rendall Introduction

Autumn Rendall Hey y’all!

My name is Autumn Rendall, and I’m a senior print journalism major at the University of Houston interning for the National Diversity Council this summer. I chose this internship because it aligns directly with my passion: utilizing media to bring light to issues facing minority communities.

Many of the world’s problems are based on lack of education. If people aren’t aware of an issue, they’re not going to care or do anything to change it. Journalism is such an important resource we have, because by connecting with others and sharing facts we can empower society to change for the better.

I moved to Houston two years ago from a small southeast Texas town to attend the University of Houston and further my journalism career. Needless to say, the diversity in this city is inspirational, and seeing all kinds of communities come together in solidarity for one another fuels my passion even more. Houston is a wonderful example of the potential intersectionality our nation can experience, which I believe the National Diversity Council contributes to every day.

I found this internship through a post on my college’s internship announcement page, and I knew I had to seize the opportunity. When we bring diversity and inclusion to work and public spaces, it elevates the success of the entire environment. I’m excited to learn about how I can utilize social media and public relations to achieve this goal, and be able to improve my skills as a multimedia content creator.

Aside from school, I write for Spectrum South, an online LGBTQ+ magazine focused on southern queer culture. And aside from anything else productive, I enjoy collecting vinyl records, catching up on the news and a good cup of coffee.

I am thrilled to work with the National Diversity Council, and I cannot wait to report back in future blog posts about what I have learned!