Introduction Lisette Garcia

Lisette Garcia

Hello everyone! My name is Asuzena Garcia, and I am a senior at the University of Houston- Clear Lake. I am majoring in Communications and interning for the National Diversity Council for the Summer 2021 semester.

Becoming a communications major was a journey for me. I originally was an Economics major, but I quickly realized I did not enjoy it or felt passionate about it. So, I researched more about careers that would be vibrant and that I would love to work in once I graduated. Communications was an easy yes for me because there is much liveliness to it. In addition, I enjoy making connections with people and writing, the best of both worlds! Although I am unsure of what specific job I would seek after graduation, I know that this internship will give me the experience I am missing and wanting.

I am honored to be interning for the National Diversity Council because I love what they stand for. In addition, I believe that having a diverse environment is also a positive environment. I am very excited to learn from my internship and also the other interns. I chose to intern for the National Diversity Council because they will teach me how to do real-world job responsibilities. I also appreciate that they will have me execute my learning into actual projects. I am excited to learn more about Public Relations, Social Media, Marketing, and collaborating with the other interns.