Introduction Llanette Garcia

Llanette Garcia

My name is Llanette Garcia. I am a senior in communication at the University of Houston-Clear Lake interning for the National Diversity Council (NDC) for the Fall 2020 semester. When I am not working on pursuing my degree, I enjoy reading articles about almost any subject and weight training with my friends. Since I recently moved to Houston from California, I decided I would also spend a lot of my free time to explore the city.

When I first moved to Houston, I immediately noticed the diversity within this one big city. The experience is very different from the experience I had back in my hometown, which took some time to get used to. It was a reminder of how important it is to be culturally competent in a society that is constantly growing and evolving. Growing up Latina I have worried about the discrimination or discomfort I may face due to the lack of diversity in the workplace or other aspects of my social environment.

I chose to intern for the NDC because I believe in what it stands for and it is an opportunity to be an advocate for something that I am passionate about. Raising awareness and providing the tools that are needed to help transform our workplaces and communities into inclusive environments is something that I am looking forward to becoming a part of. Everyone deserves a fair chance to reach their fullest potential based on their capabilities and not being held back by discrimination.

As a communication major with an interest in marketing, I am looking forward to gaining some hands-on experience and learning more about social media marketing and marketing analytics. I am excited about working with the communication professionals at the NDC that will help me with my journey to becoming a professional myself.