Introduction Alexus Christian

Alexus ChristianHello there good people!

I am Alexus Christian, a senior at the University of Houston-Clear Lake pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. I enjoy interacting with people and I thrive off discussing popular topics with them.

The National Diversity Council (NDC) advocates for inclusion and diversity within the workforce and I hope to help other businesses and corporations understand the value of a diverse field. NDC’s mission is not only interesting, but it is necessary. It sparks a dialogue of what it means to be an inclusive business or corporation in today’s workforce.

I look forward to becoming a part of the dialogue, as I build my social media skills through the use of popular and rapidly-growing platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. I anticipate honing in on the uniqueness of each platform and the diversified style of communicating that accompanies each. I hope to also become confident in my use of social media platforms and writing skills, as I grow more familiar with scheduling and crafting social media posts and articles for the NDC.

I am also interested in exploring more about the public relations aspect of the NDC, as I put together media lists and create media pitches.

I am excited to have fun with this internship experience and become more experienced with the communications field, as I meet new people and learn new ideas.