LGBTQ+ Summit and Me

I’ve always held an interest in going to events, whether it was walking away knowing something I didn’t before or if it was for the benefit of others. So when I knew my internship with the National Diversity Council would require me to go, I marked it down on my nonexistent planner that I call a ‘mental note!’

Having the chance to be at one of the National Diversity Council’s summits was a definite highlight for me so far in this internship, because I got the opportunity to learn from others who are from a different community than my own. Getting a bit ahead of my thoughts-to-word ratio, firstly, the location I was at for the event was great because I’m not originally from Houston, so I always like exploring it. Secondly, being able to hear from people who have lived with and experienced the LGBTQ+ community is definitely an eye-opener about the community as a whole for me.

Knowing the hardships some have faced about having to hide their identity for fear from others to the small incorrections that us mundane people wouldn’t realize we’re imposing on our LGBTQ+ communities. Even seeing the interaction and networking that was going on was a great sight to see because I’ve always enjoyed when strangers can have a chance to talk and share experiences of their own.

I am happy that my internship with the National Diversity Council does not have me grabbing some coffee or working an ancient fax machine, but instead enables me to engage with many communities and socialize through social media. It empowers me to continue to pursue a field similar to community engagement. The diversity that is out there in the world is really beautiful and that’s why I enjoy it. I enjoyed being at the LGBTQ+ Summit and I’ll always love representing a part of a community, while being a part of one.

Daniel Salinas