My Final Intern Blog Post

From the moment I walked into the National Diversity Council for my interview to my final day in the office, I have been welcomed with open arms by employees across departments. Over the course of the Summer, there wasn’t a day that went by that I wasn’t excited to come into the office or didn’t enjoy the work that I was doing, and that made me confident that I was in the right field and following a career path that I will love.

The internship program is organized, and it’s catered to each semesterly intern group. I was able to learn the things that were most related to my major and the direction that I am heading, while the other interns were able to do things that fit with their strengths as well. We were given the responsibility to work on regional social media accounts and create posts, but were also given plenty of feedback on our ideas. Over the duration of the internship, we were also responsible for a group project, creating a national campaign for next year’s LGBTQ+ Unity Summit. After every assignment, from social media posts to the final evaluation of our intern project, all of the communications specialists gave me individual feedback on my specific work. Apart from just evaluating my work, I valued the conversations I had. I gained so much wisdom and advice just by listening.

Because I’m a Public Relations major, I really wanted to learn about the things that I might need to know for a future PR career or internship and the communications specialists really took me under their wing to teach me press releases, media pitches and media lists, among other skills. I was so excited to get that educational experience because a lot of other internships expect you to come in already knowing everything and having prior experience. I am super sad to leave the program, but I am grateful for all of the valuable information and lessons that I learned along the way. The best part is knowing that I have a great group of people that I can count on down the line. I truly couldn’t have asked for a better first internship.