Introduction Allyson Willis

Allyson Willis

Hi everyone! My name is Allyson Willis, I am currently a senior at the University of Houston – Clear Lake and I am in pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts in communications.

I was born and raised in the college town of Norman, Oklahoma and moved to Houston, Texas around the Fall of 2016. The move from states was one of great significance for me. My mother is a first-generation immigrant from the Philippines and growing up I always had trouble feeling comfortable with my Filipino heritage because of the lack of diversity that had existed in my area. However, since moving to Houston (one of the most diverse cities in the U.S.), I became more accepting, open, and comfortable with my ethnicity and realized just how important diversity and inclusivity is.

I am a firm believer that diversity, equity, and inclusion is not only imperative in the community but in the workplace as well. Not only is there so much you can learn from people with diverse backgrounds, but it also helps initiate an arrangement of perspectives that can assist any workplace to become more innovative, inviting, and ethically conscious. This is why I am so excited and passionate about being able to intern for an organization such as the National Diversity Council.

To be able to have an internship whose values heavily align with my own is something I cherish and is the reason I look forward to my time here at the NDC. With this internship, I am hopeful to further display and enhance my skills as a communications student and gain the experience I need to feel more confident going into the career-world after I graduate; all while supporting a mission I genuinely believe in.