Introduction Jordyn Bristol

Jordyn Bristol

Hello everyone! My name is Jordyn Bristol and I am a junior at Utah Valley University studying Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing. I am originally from La Verne, California where I was conveniently 45 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, an hour from any beach and 25 minutes from Disneyland and have lived in Orem, Utah for a year now! I am very excited to be interning for the National Diversity Council this Fall!

Becoming a Communications major took a few years to get here. I had been studying Music and Theater at a community college for 3 years when the global Coronavirus pandemic started and I saw theater become non-essential. Live shows were cancelled, artists had a hard time producing and releasing music, the lights of Broadway were turned off for the first time and during this time I experienced heartbreak as a performer and artist. While at home glued to the TV and news along with the rest of the country. I saw the growth of social media happening right before my eyes. Public Relations was an easy decision after researching it more and more. I enjoy writing and making connections with people I may not have ever met had I stayed studying music and have seen the benefits of completely changing career paths. After completing my Bachelors degree I plan to continue my education with a Masters in Business Administration program. While I am unsure of what my “Dream PR job” is right now, I know I am in the right place.

Catherine Pulsifer said “We are all different, which is great because we are all unique and without diversity life would be very boring.” I chose this internship because it brings to light the things I am passionate about; bringing communities together and creating a sense of unity in a world full of static and confusion. I strive everyday to recognize, accept, and celebrate differences in others and in doing that I am able to make a path to bring others together instead of dividing them.

I hope that with my time working with the National Diversity Council I am able to master PR skills I can take into my future careers, such as writing press releases, understanding marketing and PR strategies fluently, as well as learning how to properly communicate with the companies and individuals I hope to work with one day.