Introduction to Quincy Simmons

Quincy Simmons

My name is Quincy Simmons, and I am a senior at the University of Houston – Clear Lake. I am majoring in Communications with minors in Marketing and Graphic Design and I am interning with the National Diversity Council for the Fall of 2021.

I started my college journey in 2015 working toward an Engineering degree, I did not even know that Communications was a field of study until 2018 or so. By that time I knew I wanted to get out of Engineering because I felt I wasn’t moving along fast enough while working full-time and trying to complete school, but I didn’t know what I wanted to transition to. Once I learned that Communications could apply to any field and a wide array of jobs, I was sold and started taking summer classes to jumpstart my new major. I have enjoyed my change so much more than I would have if I had stayed in Engineering and look forward to an array of opportunities in the future.

I was thrilled to receive the opportunity to intern with the National Diversity Council because inclusivity is something that I have had the pleasure to experience in my professional life at various companies I have worked for since I started working full-time ten years ago. I know that diversity and inclusivity in the workplace creates a dynamic and motivating environment that has a positive impact on the community outside of the workplace. I am excited to be hands on with things I will be doing in my future career and learning new skills while sharpening existing ones.

Everything I will learn during my time in the I.M.P.A.C.T. Internship will help me on a personal level along with enabling me to become a stronger advocate for diversity in my future career.