What past attendees have to say

Last year when I walked into the ballroom and saw so many black professionals who looked like me and were fighting the same battles as me, etc I felt such a wave of brotherhood, pride, and partnership. This year, our contingent for this event doubled in size! When I arrived in Detroit and went to dinner saw my brethren there, I had that same feeling as last year but I hadn’t even arrived at the event yet! To top it off, many of our colleagues were attending for the 1st time and I was so excited for what they were going to experience over the next 36 hours. It’s just a great experience – period.

Kevin- Actalet

I loved this powerful and inspirational event. I felt proud each day waking up and getting ready to attend this event. Lately I’ve been focusing on networking and being in the vicinity of masculine energy so this event was right on time. My networking skills evolved. I loved how BLACK this event was from the swag, choice of words like “What up doe” and playing New Edition as people accepted awards lol. DOPE!

Larenz- Black Leaders Detroit

Excellence, empowerment, and an uplifting you’re likely to find anywhere else. Thank you for establishing such a platform that allows Black men to continue growing together.  

Benjamin-Oakland University

Attending the National Black Men in Leadership Summit has left an enduring impact on my leadership journey. I feel more empowered, connected, and motivated to make a positive difference in both my professional sphere and the broader community.

Thank you for organizing an event of such significance. I eagerly anticipate the 2024 summit and am grateful for the role this summit has played in my ongoing growth as a Black leader.

Lewis- Crowe

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the incredible experience I had as an ally attending the National Black Men in Leadership Summit. It was not only enlightening but also deeply transformative.

As someone who is committed to being an ally, the summit provided me with unique insights, challenged my perspectives, and inspired me to take meaningful action. Thank you for organizing an event that has left a lasting impact on my journey as an ally. I look forward to continuing my commitment to supporting and amplifying the voices of Black male leaders.

John- Deloitte