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“This meeting encouraged me to have more open dialogue at the workplace in a group format. Even if I’m unsure how to start the conversation specifically or unsure maybe of what employees will want to talk about and how to address their concerns, I think it’s something that will go a mean a lot to employees.”

“Diversity is a critical aspect of any successful organization and it needs to be included in professional development plans. It is a process that can make us uncomfortable but is essential for success.”

“I like that the presenters spoke of setting small, attainable goals, of under promising and over delivering rather than vice-versa. So often, people set their optimum outcome as their goal, and are either disappointed or chastised if they don’t deliver. Much better to strive for the optimum in modest increments to chart steady, achievable, realistic progress.”

“Equity doesn’t take away anything from someone else to give to those with less than but provides access, resources, and services so all can be on a level playing field.”

“To maintain focus and awareness of the deep-rooted, systematic inequalities to people of color which prevent equal access in all areas of life, including employment, healthcare, and education.”

“Thrilled to be included. Loved all segments. The Panel was diverse and insightful.”

“All of the information was valuable and really reinforced my passion and commitment to DEI work not only in my role and where I see my next shifting in terms of career.”

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Chapter meeting

The Intersection of DEI and ESG

Join the Chapter meeting for our Chapter Meeting! This program offers you the opportunity to learn and share diversity and inclusion best practices with other organizational leaders within your community.In addition to learning valuable takeaways that can help you enhance your internal D&I efforts, you will also be able to engage with individuals who represent a wide array of perspectives, businesses, and industries.

Thursday, July 25th @ 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (ET)








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