Need a motivational speaker for your next workplace event, conference, retreat, or leadership summit?

Our speakers bureau has the best DEIB speakers for your next event!  Participants will walk away with tools and principles that can be customized and implemented immediately.

Our speaking topics include

    • Leading Authentically
    • Leading Through Change & Transformation
    • Understanding Personalities 
    • Innovation, Inclusion, and Difference
    • The Intersection of Inclusion
    • The Power of Minority
    • Importance of DEIB
    • Trends in DEI
    • DEIB & Human Rights/Social Justice
    • DEIB & ESG
    • DEIB in the nonprofit world
    • DEIB and Governance
    • DEIB and Environment/Climate
    • DEIB in a global context

And more!

Understanding Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. As someone currently involved in an ERG it gave me hope that I am a spoke on the wheel of enhancing the culture in our workplace and that I help people, I don’t even know, feel valued, seen, respected and motivated.


I appreciate the conversation on DEIB. We can’t talk about it enough and I feel we need to be constantly reminded so we continue to be aware. Good conversation to make me think!


Understanding Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging – Great content. Well-presented. Made me feel good about Vericast!