The National Diversity Council is pleased to announce the appointment of Anika Rahman as its new CEO. As the leading organization dedicated to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace, the


National Diversity Council is committed to empowering organizations to create more inclusive environments where all individuals can thrive.

“I am thrilled to join the National Diversity Council as its CEO and build upon the organization’s historic work to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and our communities,” said Rahman. “I know that, together, we can create a more equitable and just society where everyone has the opportunity to succeed regardless of their background or identity.”

Rahman is an exceptional leader with over three decades of nonprofit experience in DEI, pioneering the field before it became a recognized discipline. Her expertise and strategic vision position her as the perfect choice to guide the National Diversity Council towards unprecedented growth and impact in the coming years.

Prior to joining the National Diversity Council, Rahman held several leadership roles including as Principal at her own executive leadership and management consultancy, Chief Board Relations Officer at the Natural Resources Defense Council and President, CEO of the Ms. Foundation for Women and co-founder of the Center for Reproductive Rights in New York.

“We are excited to welcome Anika as our new CEO and look forward to her leadership advancing our mission and driving our dynamic initiatives and events in the future,” said Rodney Morris, Chair of the National Diversity Council Board of Directors. “With her extensive experience and proven track record of success and mentorship, we are confident that she will lead the National Diversity Council into an exciting new chapter as the nation’s premier DEI resource and advocate for the value of diversity and inclusion in our workplaces and communities.”

About The National Diversity Council

As a diversity, equity, and inclusion focused non-profit offering consulting and training to many of the leading businesses across the nation, we are dedicated to fostering a dynamic learning environment and to empowering organizations to enhance their work environments. Through our programs, we provide invaluable opportunities for organizations to share best practices and gain insights from top corporate leaders in the field of diversity and inclusion. More information about the National Diversity Council is available at: