Transforming Our World: Nonprofit DEI


Monday, June 24

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (ET)

#NDCVoices Webinar series

U.S. society relies on the nonprofit sector to protect and expand human rights and to provide core services. When leaders and organizations thrive, the sector can meet the scale and complexity of the overlapping challenges our society faces. However, broad social inequities are often replicated in nonprofit spaces, pushing many professionals out of the sector and undermining organizations’ impact and effectiveness. Many organizations struggle to fully integrate DEI practices into their work and internal organizational culture, failing to resolve the dissonance between bold visions for change and dysfunctional, outdated organizational cultures and systems. Even nonprofit leaders with the agency to create and sustain internal transformation in their organizations often need more effective frameworks and strategies for building equitable organizational systems. This is where partnership between Cause Effective and the NDC steps in, empowering nonprofit professionals to collaborate across teams and in partnership with the Board to align operations with their values and vision.